CCS maintains custody of the inventory

CCS maintains custody of the inventory at all locations specified and provides regular warehouse receipts or inventory certificates to assist the bank in its administration of the inventory-secured credit facility. The lender's time and expense of field audits is eliminated since CCS provides continuous control of the inventory serving as collateral. CCS's fees are generally paid by the borrower.

The field warehousing service can be employed under several circumstances:

  • Single or multiple storage locations
  • Single or multiple products
  • Raw materials, works-in-progress, or finished goods

As the nation's largest, most experienced field warehousing organization, CCS is uniquely qualified to manage every element of field warehousing for inventory-secured loan programs to benefit both the lender and the borrower.

Inventory Financing and Field Warehousing Program

A conventional inventory financing and field warehousing program employs the borrower's inventory, a major asset, as the basis for secured lending.

The lender establishes the acceptability of the inventory, advance rate or margin, method of releasing inventory from the field warehouse, reporting frequency, and directs the delivery of the inventory collateral to the custody of CCS.

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