Commodity Purchase Transactions (REPO's):

  • Using our warehouse receipts as further documentation and security, commodity lenders rely on CCS to manage inventories for which the lender purchases and retains ownership during the financing period.

Secured Distribution:

  • CCS administers manufacturer and/or distributor owned inventories being used to collateralize deferred payment programs offered by manufacturers.

Perfection of Security Interests:

  • CCS issues negotiable and non-negotiable receipts to support financing using documents of title, such as Cotton Bale Receipts (paper or electronic).

Applications Of Managed-Collateral Based Lending

Conventional Lending:

  • Whether using the Prime-Rate, Libor, or using Bankers Acceptances as the basis for funding, banks can lend with confidence on inventory with the added security of continuous inventory control.

Trade Finance:

  • Importers and exporters often require inventory financing to facilitate the assembly or distribution of goods. CCS has assisted lenders and borrowers with a range of raw materials, components, and finished products.

Collateral Certification Services, LLC

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