CCS's custodial services for inventories give your loan department an additional lending avenue.

Inventory is a major asset for most growing businesses. CCS's inventory control services permit your lending officers to concentrate on credit evaluation while CCS assumes much of the risk associated with inventory lending. The continuous administration assures lenders the inventory collateral will be available to safely retire borrowings. CCS's expertise and national coverage extend the categories of inventory and locations suitable for prudent lending.

When CCS manages your inventory collateral, you are assured of:

  • Expert determination of the exact nature, safekeeping, and accounting treatment of the inventory.
  • Improved administration of risk, with collateral continuously controlled by an independent, financially responsible entity, confirmed by periodic audit, to keep you informed of all assets over which CCS has established bailment.
  • Inventory levels controlled to assure that inventory-based loans are properly margined at all times.
  • Expanded market penetration due to CCS's nationwide service.

Advantages of an Inventory-Secured Field Warehousing Program to You

As a lender, you can take maximum advantage of conventional financing if the collateral used for each loan is properly managed by CCS, America's preeminent field warehousing organization.

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